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Welcome to Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin, Texas.

Thanks to everyone in Austin and around the globe for your support over the last 23 years - we wouldn't be here without you and your music!

Austin is widely known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” and Terra Nova Mastering Studio has been an integral part of making it so since our opening in 1990. We have been consistent in upgrading our business over the years to meet and surpass industry standards in providing our clients with the most professional work, the best ears, great working environment, and finest quality mastering in the region. Our studio facilities are first rate, along with the professional staff and renowned Texas hospitality. Over the years, we have worked on projects from all over the USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, South America, Central America and Japan. Major and independent artists, major and independent record labels, major and independent producers, Grammy nominees and Grammy winners, the most prolific recording and mixing engineers in the music business, as well as radio, television and film industry, public and private businesses, local, state and national projects. Our client list reflects the best of “real” music and audio projects and all the people that conceive these wonderful concepts and Terra Nova has been here to help them see their project come to life.

Mastering is the best position to really “take the temperature” of where music is going. Daily, we have the opportunity of meeting and working with a virtual rainbow of talent. We are here to report that the “temperature of music” is well above normal - a virtual fever of artistry and ideas. Each artist and their project has concept that is as individual as DNA, and that artist has a final goal to meet. The engineers and staff at Terra Nova will help the client bring their project to the finish line. Whether it is a three-song demo or a major label release album. No matter what level you are aiming for, your project is our main objective. Whether this is your first experience with the mastering process or if you are a seasoned veteran, we hope there will be answers here for you. Browse through our site, and then contact us with any questions, concerns, or for rates and scheduling. Thank you for visiting us.

"Balancing Act"
Acrylic on canvas by Diane Tubb
www.dianetubbart.com 2008

Terra Nova Digital Audio
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